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all compositions and arrangements : Louiz Banks.
all instrumental solos and  themes  played by Louiz Banks.
all  the amazing orchestral sounds produced on the ‘Yamaha Clavinova CVP 509’.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by  Neil "Jerry " D'Souza at Gino's Den, Mumbai.
A special thank you to Tara Sutaria, Subhangi Bose and Runa Rizvi for their wonderful vocal renditions.
Lyrics : A Love For All Time - Louiz Banks, Touch - Joe Alvarez, Walk With Me - Louiz Banks.

Produced by : Chubu Music Pvt Ltd.India

from Louiz Banks personally :
This compilation of some of my original songs have been specially selected by me as a dedication to my darling Lorraine to celebrate our long and wonderful union as husband and wife.....these songs are a reflection of my inner feelings for Lorraine culminating with the love, peace and happiness she continues to bring into my life. 

P.S.   This is for you darling... hope you enjoy it... love you always...


1. Midnight Rhapsody

2. Ballad for Lovers

3. Reflections

4. Raindrops on the Balcony

5. Walk with me [ Runa Rizvi ]

6. Sands of Time

7. Touch  [ Subhangi Bose & Tara Sutaria ]

8. Return to Paradise

9. Love for all time [ Subhangi Bose & Tara Sutaria ]

Louiz Banks - Moonlight In Goa

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Artist: Louiz Banks
Title:         Moonlight In Goa
Release date: 09.08.2011 
Label/Name: Chubu Music Private Limited 
Genre: Jazz > Smooth Jazz 

I like the way these songs have turned out in MOONLIGHT IN GOA... Quite a quantum leap, in terms of treatment, from the romantic creations of my earlier albums MUSIC FOR ROMANCE and LOVE IS IN THE AIR... as always you will find the romantic element running throughout in the compositions... But this time the songs are interlaced with jazzy solos ala Louiz Banks... and that makes it a very different romantic album!! I salute Yamaha for creating the Clavinova Digital Pianos.. they are the best! I have used the CVP-509 for the entire album... all the solos have been played on the Clavinova using its beautifully sampled sounds of Piano, Guitar, Flute, Saxophone, Brass, Reeds and those gorgeous Strings... played idiomatically, they sound like the real thing... just amazing!! Making this album was a labour of love... Neil 'Jerry' D'Souza has done a most brilliant job of sound engineering, mixing and mastering with great sensitivity. I had a lot of soul satisfaction of composing, playing and producing this album... I'd like to express my deepest appreciation to an exceptional artiste, Lara Pinto, who put her incredible artistry into the songs... my heartfelt thanks to Lara, for her immaculate vocals, to Annette Pinto for writing such inspired lyrics in Portugese to some of the songs... of course the album would not have been possible without the love and support of my wife Lorraine(Chubu), my inspiration always... to my son Gino for his critique, guidelines and for the use of his Den... to Padam Singh for seeing to all our comforts in the studio... for Alam and Meena for the endless supply of Tea and Coffee.. to Lorraine once again for her ever popular trademark great lunches and snacks at high tea... to Jadyn for giving me so much joy.. to my daughter Monique(Pudding) for her constant love and support.. she never tires of listening to my music.. she is my biggest fan!! and to all my friends and well wishers who have supported me through my music career and enjoyed my 'off the beaten track' musical creations and last but not least, to my beautiful children, Andre, Neil, Monique and Gino, my adorable grand children Kevin, Kathy and Jadyn, my dearest daughters-in-law Mary and Tania and my hard working son-in-law Thor... They all inspire me to do my best... I Love you guys!! I dedicate this album to the romantic, fun loving people of sunny goa.... Suseigado!!!!

Louiz Banks - Solo Piano Ballads

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Artist: Louiz Banks
Title:        Solo Piano Ballads
Release date: 22.07.2011 
Label/Name: Chubu Music Private Limited 
Genre: Jazz > Instrumental 

Stray Thoughts From Louiz Banks:

Putting down a few solo piano interpretations was at the back of my mind for a long time... One fine day, lady inspiration struck and I went to my Clavinova and began to churn out my own solo piano variations on a few of my favorite standards... And then I threw in a couple of originals as well... And Behold! I was ready with an album... Is it perfect? NO! As somebody wisely said, 'Nothing is perfect and creative exploration is never complete'... Riding on that premise I experimented, played and discarded and finally recorded my first impressions of great melodies... And at the end of it, it felt good and somewhat soul satisfying... I also needed to plug in my own originals as well, cause that's my own compositional flair coming to terms with the world around me... And it reflects that i am... The piano sound of the Yamaha Clavinova was so inspiring that it brought out the love and passion I have for Jazz interpretations... Listen to the tracks... Listen to it in deep silence... Cause they are reflections of my existance in this world.....


Louiz Banks / Gino Banks / Sheldon DSilva - LABYRINTH

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Artist: Louiz Banks/Gino Banks/Sheldon D'Silva
Title: Labyrinth
Release date: 22.07.2011 
Label/Name: Chubu Music Private Limited 
Genre: Jazz > Jazz Rock 

The Labyrinth album is conceived and executed by keyboardist Louiz Banks and drummer Gino Banks with a little help from close friends who happen to be one of the best musicians on the planet. The Music of Labyrinth is original and straight from the heart as jazz as its inner core... But then as the music unfolds it meanders into a labyrinth and that's when the metamorphosis begins... Where does it end??? Who knows??? And who cares??? let the river flow...... Enjoy the Moment!!!    


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Artist: Louiz Banks
Release Date: November 1, 2005
Genre: New Age
Styles: Relaxation
Label: Music Today / The Orchard

1. Alluring Enchantress (Vocalese) 7:23
2. Odyssey 6:26
3. Diya (Vocalese) 7:40
4. Karuna (Vocalese) 8:49
5. Love Is Like A Melody 5:22
6. The Visionary 6:14
7. Colour My World 6:35
8. Shringar 6:36
9. Eternal Love (Piano Solo) 4:58
Total Length: 60:03

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Artist: Louiz Banks
Release Date: January 1, 2005
Genre: International
Styles: India
Label: Music Today / The Orchard

1. Raga of the Heart 8:24
2. Nayika - waiting for her lover 4:50
3. Sweet Gentle Love 3:28
4. Courtship 5:26
5. Loving You 6:30
6. The Colour of Love 5:26
7. The Doors of Desire 6:38
8. Flying Through the Night 4:04
9. Love Child 5:28
10. Shanti 6:44

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John McLaughlin (guitar); Hadrien Feraud (Electric Bass); Louiz Banks(keyboards); Ranjit Barot (Drums); Niladri Kumar (Electric Zitar); Shashank, Sivamani (Percussion), Shankar Mahadevan (Vocals); U.Rajesh (Electric Mandolin); Debashish Bhattacharya (Hindustani Slide Guitar); Naveen Kumar (Bamboo Flute); George Brooks (Soprano Saxophone)

1 Abbaji (For Ustad Alla Rakha)
2 Raju
3 Maharina
4 Off the One
5 The Voice
6 Inside Out
7 14U
8 Five Peace Band

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Released: April, 15, 2008
Record Label: Times Square

1 Spanish Key 19:44
2 All Blues 9:21
3 Ide (Fast) 8:41
4 In a Silent Way 2:33
5 It's About That Time 10:00
6 Jean Pierre 11:36
7 So What 8:09
8 Miles Runs the Voodoo Down 9:03
9 Blue in Green 13:07
10 Great Expectations 8:39
11 Ife (Slow) 14:11
12 Miles from India 6:53

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Artist: Louiz Banks / Pt. Ronu Majumdar / Sivamani / Karl Peters / Fazal Qureshi / Rajesh Rajbhatt
Release Date: June 28, 2005
Genre: International
Styles: India
Label: Times Music / The Orchard

1. Riveri 11:46
2. Lotus 10:14
3. Seven steps to Nirvana 16:06
4. Rain 12:05
5. Saraswati 10:35
6. Vande Mataram 5:49
Total Length: 66:35

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